Many people find it hard to follow a diet consistently for about just a week not to talk about engaging into exercise but really want to lose weight. They always ask themselves whether there is another way round. Although different diets and exercises are efficient, there are other very efficient ways that can make you lose weight quickly and efficiently too.


Change in exercising, supplement consumption and following diets can be very challenging physically, financially and morally respectively to lose weight and many people search for ways to go about it without passing through all this, well the following are scientifically proven ways for efficiently losing weight without exercising, diets or supplements:

Slow eating

It is incredible to know but yeah, slow eating can greatly affect your rate of calorie intake. When you slowly eat, it leads to increased satisfaction with less consumption. Those who generally eat fast take in so many calories because, before their brain can know it, they have taken more than required hence slow eating is the option for those who want to lose weight.

Increase in Fiber Intake

Increase in Fiber Intake

Fibers are the best meal constituent for people who want to lose weight (though not the best with the taste). Fiber makes you feel full quick and increases digestion time hence reducing the calorie intake at a particular time. Most supplements are made up of fibers as this is a very essential for weight loss. Its ability to prevent hunger for a long time enables people eat less.

Eating without distractions

This is a very common habit among the people of this age as the world is full of distractions from our mobile phones to video games on consoles and PC.

Eating without distractions

When distracted, you tend to take in more food than required as your brain is not only focused on the eating, but also on the fancy guy running up and down in that game or movie. When not distracted, your brain concentrates on the eating part and this makes it control the amount of calorie intake appropriately for no excesses hence less calorie intake than the usual with same satisfaction.

Serving food in smaller plates


Serving food in smaller plates

It may be amazing how the size of the plate you use may influence your appetite. When you use a large plate, no matter how much the food on it is, you brain may consider the food to be small hence more calorie intake.smaller plates


When you use smaller plates, you may put a small quantity of food on it and it seems much to the eye and brain. You may even surprisingly get full with a smaller quantity of food than you normally take bringing a reduction to the calories intake.

Keeping the non convenient food far from you


By non convenient food I mean food that can increase calorie intake unnecessarily that is the unhealthy foods. By simply keeping them away from sight, we combat a lot of craving and unnecessary wants hence reducing unnecessary eating leading to low calorie intake. Ideally it is good not to purchase a quantity to be stored, buy just enough to be eaten on the spot. In future when you crave for more, the laziness of getting it at the shop will sometimes end your cravings hence reducing unnecessary eating.

non convenient food


Drinking More Water


Water is a very good alternative to sugary beverages as it is a calorie free drink. Drinking water 30mins to an hour before eating is very ideal to losing weight as it suppresses appetite leading to low intake of calories. On cutting out on sugary beverages, you may lose so many calories than you think in a month. Drinking water helps to increase the amount of calories burnt for a particular amount of time and this energy is burnt without any physical activity known as resting energy expenditure.

The above ways are scientifically proven ways of losing weight without hours in the gym, difficult diets to follow and expensive supplements to buy. Losing weight is something that is easy when done right. Some people don’t go out for sports every day, don’t change diets and don’t buy expensive supplements but lose weight faster that you, who spends hours in the gyms, try all forms of diets and get very different supplements almost every day. This is not because they have special bodies, but because they eat and live appropriately.

Now that you followed these instructions well, I think you will be transformed like the guy below. It may take time, but remember; Nothing good comes easy.


About author:

The post was written by Agbor Darren a young, passionate health and fitness writer and content creator. He writes on about everything with favorite topics being health and fitness, education and research writing. You may contact him at or on LinkedIn as Darren Agbor.